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C-BUS Installations
Richardson’s specialise in the fantastic Smart Home technologies and are making it available now in any home or commercial environment

That is correct you too can now experience Smart Home Automation providing convenience, security, comfort, energy efficiency and energy monitoring when you effortlessly control and automate your home, using as much or as little technology as you wish.

Affordable and scalable, a smart home puts you in charge incorporating voice recognition via a central hub, or an app on your smart device, to control your smart appliances.

Think of the benefits when you can turn on your cooling before you arrive home, preheat your smart oven ready for that delicious meal or program your lights to suit your mood and lifestyle.

When our team install C-Bus to your individual application all devices are programmed to work in unison so you can create the perfect atmosphere at the touch of a button.

Whether it’s cooling the house before you get home or drawing the curtains and dimming the lights before bed, you’ll truly feel like master of your domain.

Thanks to Richardson’s the Smart Home technology is here, is easy and affordable.

We also install and repair other Automated home systems of your choosing.

Allow us to list 4 of the major benefits designed to improve your lifestyle

With Smart Home Automation will activate your air conditioning so you’ll never come home to a hot house again. It can also be used to stream music and video throughout the house. And in the middle of the night, sensors can automatically turn lights on at a low level and provide safe and energy efficient passage.

Energy Efficiency

You can’t manage what you can’t measure. Put your connected home to work and keep energy use in check. Reduce your cooling costs with blinds that automatically close. Sensors and timers can ensure lights are not left unintentionally on, and an ‘all-off’ function switches everything off when not required.


Smart Home Automation allows you to electronically access home security cameras from anywhere and can alert you when sensors detect strange movements. If you are away from home, blinds and light switches can be programmed to operate as if the house was occupied and a smart doorbell with camera can be linked to your smart device.


Smart Home Automation allows you to complete multiple tasks, with the touch of a button, or simple voice commands. Pre-programming makes life a breeze – whether it’s getting everyone up and out in the morning, entertaining guests, or bedtime. Pre-set scenes simplify your routine.


Richardson’s Electrical Service provide a plethora of commercial solutions for all electrical requirements. Our professional team, with local knowledge, will work with you to ensure the electricals match your needs and your budget. Your job will comply with all electrical standards and regulations.
At Richardson’s we fully appreciate that when you need to install a complete residential electrical system you demand the best and most up to date technologies to simplify and improve your lifestyle. Our efficient and motivated team of electricians will work with you 100%.
Rental Properties
Landlords have to ensure that each of their property is fitted with the required number of smoke alarms, which can vary depending on the size of the building as mentioned in the Building Code of Australia.
Some of the local businesses we work with include...





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