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Rental Property Management
Richardson’s appreciates that, as a landlord, real estate agent or body corporate provider, the maintenance of the electrical installation is paramount and we will ensure that you are fully covered

As your preferred electrician, we fully understandthe importance of a safe electrical system in your property and the duty of care a landlord, real estate agent or body corporate must provide.

Richardson’s, will maintain the property ensuring it meets the electrical standards and regulations to guarantee safety.

We provide prompt and reliable service ensuring that your tenants’ electrical issues are resolved in a timely manner. We also offer 24/7 emergency breakdown service for our regular landlords, real estate agents and body corporates.

Richardson’s will provide a detailed Property Condition Report

Richardson’s Electrical can provide a detailed electrical report on your property, if and when required, including a pre-sale report and property condition report.

Richardson’s highly informed team can guarantee real peace of mind in all aspects of:

Smoke Alarms

We can install smoke alarms, carrying out testing on your smoke alarms and if required we can bring your smoke alarms up to code.

Safety Switches

In Queensland, it is a legal requirement for all electrical installations to include theapplication of safety switches for power outlets, power circuits and light circuits. As a landlord or property manager, you might incur penalties if the rule is not applied.

At Richardson’s we can ensure that your Safety Switches are up to standard.

We recommend the installation of safety switches on all circuits.

Electrical Safety

At Richardson’s we ensure all the appliances, sockets and wiring are thoroughly checked to ensure that all are safe and not damaged – this includes safety switches, electrical wiring, fans, lights etc.


Richardson’s Electrical Service provide a plethora of commercial solutions for all electrical requirements. Our professional team, with local knowledge, will work with you to ensure the electricals match your needs and your budget. Your job will comply with all electrical standards and regulations.
At Richardson’s we fully appreciate that when you need to install a complete residential electrical system you demand the best and most up to date technologies to simplify and improve your lifestyle. Our efficient and motivated team of electricians will work with you 100%.
C-Bus Automation
We will provide a professional service covering all aspects of C-Bus Automations. When our team install C-Bus to your individual application all devices are programmed to work in unison so you can create the perfect atmosphere at the touch of a button.
Some of the local businesses we work with include...





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