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Solar Systems
Solar power has become synonymous with Cairns and its little wonder why, as Cairns is not only one of Australia’s sunniest locations, our electricity prices are particularly expensive compared to other capitals, making solar power a clever investment.

In Cairns you need a quality solar system and thanks to our experienced solar division you’ve come to the right place.

Richardson’s offer an enormous range of high quality and Australian supported products. Our panels and inverters are sourced directly from our local suppliers.

Living in Cairns presents an excellent opportunity for home and business owners to cut their power bills and harmful carbon emissions. With brilliant sunny conditions for much of the year, your solar panels will provide great results and incredible savings.

What type of solar system should I install and how much can I save?

Solar power systems in Cairns need to withstand the heat of the sun and continue to work efficiently through our hot summer. As with all home or business owners considering solar power, we recommend that you choose Australian-supported products with comprehensive warranties and after-sale support.

Financial and environmental savings through solar power in Cairns will depend on a number of factors, including energy consumption as well as the orientation, tilt and shading of your solar panels.

Thanks to Richardson’s professional team, armed with all the local knowledge, we can install a solar system that has been matched to your own requirements. All things considered it’s not un-common to see householders in Cairns to experience savings of thousands of dollars per year. This saving makes solar an extremely viable solution to your high electricity costs.

Being locally based Richardson’s Solar offers quality equipment, professional installation and the best after sales service. Our experience in solar systems since 1966 has seen the uptake of solar power in Cairns grow substantially over the years and we’ve been proud to play a part.


Richardson’s Electrical Service provide a plethora of commercial solutions for all electrical requirements. Our professional team, with local knowledge, will work with you to ensure the electricals match your needs and your budget. Your job will comply with all electrical standards and regulations.
At Richardson’s we fully appreciate that when you need to install a complete residential electrical system you demand the best and most up to date technologies to simplify and improve your lifestyle. Our efficient and motivated team of electricians will work with you 100%.
Rental Properties
Landlords have to ensure that each of their property is fitted with the required number of smoke alarms, which can vary depending on the size of the building as mentioned in the Building Code of Australia.
Some of the local businesses we work with include...





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